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Get started with Fluxzy with .NET

Fluxzy.Core is a fully managed MITM engine to record, manage and alter HTTP/1.1, H2, and WebSocket traffic over plain or secure channels for .NET.

This website contains the documentation of the fluxzy .NET packages Fluxzy.Core and Fluxzy.Core.Pcap. For documentation of Fluxzy Desktop or Fluxzy CLI please refer to the main website.

  • To get started, go to guide page.
  • API documentation can be found here.

Current .NET package version

.NET Package Description Version
Fluxzy Core Core library Fluxzy.Core
Fluxzy.Core.Pcap Extensions that enable raw packet capture along the HTTP(S) exchange Fluxzy.Core

Feature list

Core features

Alteration and traffic management features

Alteration and traffic management features are available as fluxzy actions. You can browse this dedicated search page to see built-in actions on the latest stable version. Here are a few examples:

Fluxzy CLI

If you're interested in having the latest CLI binaries, check the following table:

Fluxzy CLI Version
Windows win32 win64 winArm64
macOS osx64 osxArm64
Linux linux64 linuxArm64