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Enum FilterScope


The filter scope defines the minimal timing where a filter can be run. These specific timing are :

  • OnAuthorityReceived : This scope denotes the moment fluxzy is aware the destination authority. In a regular proxy connection, tt will occur the moment where fluxzy parsed CONNECT request.
  • RequestHeaderReceivedFromClient : The moment when the full request header is parsed
  • RequestBodyReceivedFromClient : This timing is trigger only after the request body is sent to the upstream due to streaming
  • ResponseHeaderReceivedFromRemote : The moment where fluxzy got the response header from the server
  • ResponseBodyReceivedFromRemote : (Aka complete) This timing is trigger only after the response body is sent to the downstream due to streaming.
  • OutOfScope : Indicates a filter that is not usable for live alteration. This kind of filter applies only for view filters in Fluxzy Desktop
public enum FilterScope
Extension Methods


CopySibling = 10000
DnsSolveDone = 2
OnAuthorityReceived = 0
OutOfScope = 99999
RequestBodyReceivedFromClient = 3
RequestHeaderReceivedFromClient = 1
ResponseBodyReceivedFromRemote = 5
ResponseHeaderReceivedFromRemote = 4