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Loading a rule file

Rule file are a convenient way to store and share rules. The format is defined at this specific page.

You can create rule file from a plain yaml file or with Fluxzy Desktop and reuse it with Fluxzy CLI or Fluxzy .NET SDK.

AddAlterationRules method on FluxzySetting supports immediately a plain string containing the yaml rule.

Create a rule file named rule.yaml with the following content (you can find available actions and filters here):

  - filter: 
      typeKind: HostFilter
      operation: endsWith
      # This action remove any cache directive from request and response header
      typeKind: AddBasicAuthenticationAction
      username: leeloo
      password: multipass

Load the rule file by calling AddAlterationRules method on FluxzySetting with the content of the file as argument.

using System.Net;
using Fluxzy;

var ruleContent = File.ReadAllText("rule.yaml");

var fluxzyStartupSetting = FluxzySetting
    .CreateDefault(IPAddress.Loopback, 44344)

await using var proxy = new Proxy(fluxzyStartupSetting);

_ = proxy.Run();

Console.WriteLine("Press any key to exit");